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Have Maralee McKee speak at Your Next Event

We live in a fast paced techno savvy society with such a casual culture. The word “etiquette” seems like an outdated term that left our vocabularies faster than Ashton Cutcher can update his twitter account.  Maralee McKee brings a Rachel Ray meets Emily Post best friend style to Etiquette.
The word etiquette comes from the French word that means “ticket.” Today, etiquette
means “good manners.” Maralee’s brand of Etiquette isn’t about pretentiousness, wearing a false mask to try and impress others or about becoming someone else. It’s about being you…at your best….on purpose! Maralee’s insight into the modern world of etiquette is about developing healthy boundaries with others, boundaries that help us know what we can expect from each other.

Maralee’s experience, real life applications, subtle southern syle, whit, and approachability will make you instant friends. Her ability to speak the language of relationships and
translate the wisdom and graciousness of generations past into modern day sensibilities for use in every day encounters will change your life.

Maralee travels nationally presenting contemporary etiquette programs for corporations, executives, ministries and women’s groups.



If you’d like information about having me speak for your upcoming event please contact my friend and PR & Media Relations Director:

Ms. Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell Media

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